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Since 2002 professional
Graphic/Web Designer

I am a dedicated professional with a creative eye for modern and contemporary design. I understand that graphic design is an essential component to helping a company communicate everything from its brand image to help supporting the brand's message strategy and over all marketing goals.  My experience of the past 18 years expands across print including but not limited to: catalogs, print advertising, point-of-purchase displays and marketing collateral such as business cards and brochures, to online work such as website home pages and banner ads. I work with clients all over the United States.

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Life. Work. Balance. Repeat.
I take my work very 
seriously, I also take my personal life very serious. I believe for me to be the best possible creative person I need adequate time for both and there is!!! I have two wonderful children and a fantastic husband. We love going up north to my parents cottage in the summer, spending time on the boat and in the winter we love going skiing and visiting Mexico over spring break. During my 'work' hours I enjoy creating websites, brochures, brand identity projects and much more....this isn't 'work' for me it's like a fun hobby that I created a job out of. Who wouldn't love that!

Heidi Dorn


As a designer I know that every client wants their product to stand out of the crowd, be unique.  When working with a designer you want the utmost professional tactics to meet your business and creative needs. Finally you will need your design firm to be prompt; no one wants a project sitting unfinished for a month.
Heidi Dorn Design promises all three of these: 

Unique. Professional. Prompt.

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